Selasa, 30 Maret 2010

Black Vita

So I decide to make a new design in a black color for my 17 years old wannabe client... And still my choices goes to bridal satin.. Bustier neckline with pleated detail crossing all over the body and drapes to the knee length... The top area is covered with cock feather and a piece of crystal brooch...

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deekkyy mengatakan...

gambarnya keren..
kunjun balik ya.. :)

Annah mengatakan...

Why aren't you in Paris or Milan? Love your designs and drawings darling! Brava!

Syakir Achyar mengatakan...

Hi Bram... lama ngga up date blog. sibuk ya :) Mmm... aku udah pernah link blog kamu pake blog lamaku dan pernah temenan via fb. cm karena ada masalah ama fb dan blogku yang lama, aku bikin blog baru. aku link lagi ya. thanks


syakir / zaky

Tann mengatakan...

bagus bgtt!! mau belajar gambar desain ih.. belajar dmn???

Kraxpelax mengatakan...



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Rồng Xương mengatakan...

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